Magazine Proin (Productivity and Innovation) has long been addressing professional and scientific staff (production engineers, industrial engineers) and from academia and industry, not only from Slovakia but also the Czech Republic and Poland. Its content will appeal personalities in managing smaller and larger firms moving especially in industry and related fields.

Magazine ProIN

The effort of expert editors and sponsors of the magazine is the transfer of new knowledge and solutions from academia to the industrial sector. We can say that within the SR little is known about widespread activity, which should alter the relationship between technical universities and industrial practice. Unfortunately, there is a difference between the needs of modern manufacturing plant and capabilities of our universities, which should be eliminated.

ProIN magazine documenting not only significant actions and events of the industry, but pays attention to educational activities of specialized secondary and higher education in particular. Editor's intention is to present interesting results of research scholars from academic and commercial research sector. Just a combination of contributions from commercial and research character can achieve the important effect of today, such as commercialization of research.

Magazine ProIN (Productivity and Innovation) is:

  • the key which unlocks the door to industrial firms operating in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other countries (satisfied clients give translate articles)
  • marketing tool through which you can promote and present their projects and solutions to where you have not received personally,
  • your bridge, after which you can get to the good links,
  • competitiveness tool that will help you outshine your competitors, differentiate yourself from them.